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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Relaxing Rhythms

Music affects your heart rate and breathing, so tune in to relaxation by choosing your mood music carefully. When you want to wind down, music with a slow, steady rhythm helps slow down breathing and heart rate, inducing a state of calm. The opposite is true of quick tempo music. Set the mood for stress reduction or sleep by tuning in to easy, mellow melodies.

Researchers speculate that listening to slow music may be clinically useful for people suffering from high blood pressure, heart failure, and other conditions. Slow tunes appear to put the heart at ease. Similarly, reciting a repetitive prayer or mantra seems to decrease heart rate and respiration. You also can deliberately slow your breathing rate with deep breathing exercises.

RealAge Benefit: Taking care of your emotional health and well-being can make your RealAge up to 16 years younger.

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Happy breathing :-)



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