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Monday, December 26, 2005

Slimmer Thighs For The New Year!

Everyone has heard of the expression, "You can't spot reduce." Well, it's true. You can't spot reduce by dieting -- but you can spot change by working out the right way.

Here's how it works. If you exercise only your biceps, doing biceps curls every day, which part of your body would begin to develop? Not your butt, not your stomach -- but your arms. You would look like Popeye!

What you need is carefully designed exercises to shape each individual body part into your goal form. Today, let's "spot change" one of the most complained about body parts -- the thighs!

You will be doing 12 repetitions for each exercise.

The Standing Side Leg Extension:

Start position: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Movement: Extend your right leg out to the side as far as possible, flexing your entire thigh muscle as you go. Keeping the flex on return to start position and repeat until you have done 12 repetitions. Repeat for other leg. Without resting move to the next exercise.

The Lying Inner Thigh Lift.

Start position: Lie on the floor flat on your back with your legs raised and the heels of your feet touching.

Movement: Flexing your inner thigh muscles as hard as possible, extend your legs upward until they are straight. Return to start and repeat until you have done 12 repetitions.

You will see changes in three weeks, but it works even faster if you add more exercises to the group!
For more thigh combinations, see Joyce Vedral's Just Thighs DVD or video, or look for her Just Thighs and Just The Rest Of The Body package deal at www.joycevedral.com.


Eve :-)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Enhance Blood Flow

To resist syndrome X, create an action plan that will improve your circulation.

Regular resistance or strength-training exercises enhance leg blood flow, which can help ward off metabolic syndrome -- also known as syndrome X. This condition can lead to stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. Squats, heel raises, crunches, and bicep curls are all examples of ways to gain strength and improve circulation.

Blood flow to the arms and legs tends to decrease with age due to increased activity of the sympathetic nervous system, the part of the nervous system that increases your heart rate and blood pressure and narrows blood vessels in response to stress. Decreased blood flow is associated with insulin resistance, a symptom of metabolic syndrome. In a recent study, researchers discovered that leg blood flow in middle-aged men who performed resistance training was 35 percent higher than in men who were sedentary. Incorporate at least 30 minutes per week of weight lifting into your fitness plan to build muscle strength and boost leg blood flow.

RealAge Benefit: Lifting weights for 10 minutes just 3 times per week can make your RealAge as much as 1.7 years younger.

Lack of age-related decreases in basal whole leg blood flow in resistance-trained men. Miyachi, M., Tanaka, H., Kawano, H., Okajima, M., Tabata, I., Journal of Applied Physiology 2005 Oct;99(4):1384-1390. Epub 2005 Jun 16.


Eve :-)

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Enjoy Holiday Foods Without Gaining A Pound!

Relax your diet, but still stay on track this party season with the 10 golden rules.

The holidays are here! But you probably don't want to pass up those yummy desserts or be locked into a meal plan when there's a scrumptious buffet. With the 10 golden rules for holiday eating, below, you won't have to. Enjoy the season's rich foods -- minus the weight gain!

Follow these golden rules every day.

1. Eat on schedule
Between holiday shopping and running errands, you may not have time to sit down for meals. So keep healthy snacks and meal replacements on hand to eat on the go. Eating every three to four hours means you will never go hungry, and you'll have the energy to complete your to-do list.

2. Pamper yourself
Is food usually your main reward for a job well done? Now is the time to find other ways to pat yourself on the back -- especially this month, when stress levels can peak and food is abundant. Schedule 30 minutes a day for "me time" and spend it watching a favorite sitcom, reading a magazine, soaking your feet, listening to music or taking a catnap.

3. Have dessert every day
Choose something that will satisfy you, and watch your portion sizes. Once you've had your treat, if you're tempted again later, remind yourself that you can have another treat tomorrow. Try:

  • 2 coconut macaroons (2" each)
  • 3 sugar cookies (3" each)
  • 2 brownies (2" squares)
  • A 2-ounce piece of fudge

    4. Stock up on healthy frozen meals
    On days when you've got a million things to do and absolutely no time to cook, pop a healthy frozen entrée in the microwave instead of picking up greasy fast food. Pair it with a four-ounce mini fruit cup, packed in natural juice, to round out your meal. Each of these options is nutrient-rich, and comes out to less than 400 calories.

  • Amy's Black Bean Vegetable Enchilada
  • Gardenburger Sun-Dried Tomato Basil Wrap
  • Healthy Choice Traditional Turkey Breast
  • Lean Cuisine Shrimp and Angel Hair Pasta
  • Weight Watcher's Smart Ones Creamy Parmesan Chicken
  • South Beach Diet Mediterranean Style Chicken with Couscous & Vegetables

  • 5. Get moving

    Try to squeeze in four, five-minute walking sessions each day: Climb stairs instead of taking the elevator, or walk briskly through parking lots. You'll burn up an extra 150 to 225 calories per day.

    6. Dress for success
    The most food your stomach can hold is about four cups (think four tennis balls). Wear a constricting garment -- whether it's a slinky dress, slim-fitting pants, panty hose, a belt or a body shaper -- and you'll feel full even if you just eat half that amount.

    7. Don't go hungry
    It's tempting to under eat during the day so you can splurge at the party. But you'll be so ravenous that you'll end up overeating. Instead, eat balanced meals and a light snack an hour before the party.

    8. Don't stand near the buffet
    Studies show that you're more apt to eat food if it's right at your fingertips. Seeing or smelling food can trigger you to dig in and lose track of how much you eat. Find a quiet space at least several feet away from the food tables, and focus on visiting with friends and celebrating the season.

    9. Don't drink your calories
    Have one cocktail per party, either a 12-ounce light beer, five ounces of wine or a shot of distilled spirits, which are each about 100 calories. Then switch to water or decaf hot or iced tea.

    10. Make the appetizers your meal
    To maintain a healthy weight, most women don't need more than 500 calories for dinner. Each selection from the list below comes close to that amount. Mix smaller portions for variety, and round out your meal with a generous serving of raw veggies.

  • 5 small crab cakes
  • 4 mini quiches
  • 12 medium shrimp with ½ cup cocktail sauce

  • Cheers,

    Eve :-)

    Saturday, December 03, 2005

    Low-cost/No-cost Workouts Work!

    Strengthening your core muscles doesn't have to cost money. Abdominal muscles join with other trunk muscles in helping to support your spine and pelvis. Getting these muscles strong does not require machines, good old-fashioned sit-ups and crunches strengthened abdominal muscles just as well as popular at-home workout equipment.

    The trick to doing abdominal exercises correctly is to use postures that reduce stress on the head, neck, and back and to avoid engaging the hip flexor muscles, which will reduce the amount of work your abdominal muscles have to do. Reduce the risk of injury when doing crunches by keeping your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor, and avoid tugging on your head and neck as you curl your upper trunk forward. To properly engage your abdominal muscles, don't pin your feet under an object or have someone hold them because this will engage your hip flexors. Also, pull your navel in toward your spine while performing crunches to keep your stomach muscles tight. Remember to breathe while curling. Round out your abdominal strength training by doing back-strengthening exercises, too. Strong core muscles support your back and may reduce the risk of injury.
    RealAge Benefit: Strength training can make your RealAge 1 year younger.

    Abdominal muscle activity while performing trunk flexion exercises using the Ab Roller, Abslide, FitBall and conventionally performed trunk curls. Hildenbrand, K., Noble, L., Journal of Athletic Training 2004 Mar;39(1):37-43.

    Go Hard Core!

    Eve :-)

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