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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wave Goodbye to Ugly Back Flab

3 Exercises to Banish Bra Flab

When properly developed, it is absolutely amazing to see the beauty and artistic perfection of the multitude of back muscles. As I always mention, the ultimate key to a beautiful back and tight body is the combination of proper nutrition that places one in a slight caloric deficit, exercise and consistency.

All I needed to do was provide a specialty workout that could be performed twice a week along with a current program. From a practical standpoint, building strength in the back, particularly the lower back, helps to prevent injury. How many times have you heard someone tell you they have a bad back? I hear it all the time.

1. Cable Two-Arm Lat Pull-down

Starting Position
- Extend your arms up and reach for a straight bar with an overhand grip.
- Sit tall with your knees supported under the leg pad, with the knees and hips at a 90-degree angle.
- Arms should be wider than shoulder-width apart with a slight bend in the elbows.
-Relax your shoulders and keep your chest lifted.

- Contracting the upper back muscles, pull the bar down, leading with the elbows stopping when the bar is just above your chest.
- Slowly return to the starting position stopping just short of allowing the weight stack to touch.

Key Points
- Exhale while lifting the weight.
- Inhale while returning to the starting position.
- Do not allow your upper back to round or your chest to cave in.

2. Dumbbell Bent Over Row

Starting Position
- Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and a slight bend in the knees.
- Hold a dumbbell in each hand and bend forward from the hips until the upper body is at about 45 degrees.
- Extend the arms down, keeping your shoulder blades together.

- Contracting the upper back muscles, pull the dumbbells up toward your sides stopping when your upper arm is parallel to the floor. Remember to slightly squeeze the shoulder blades together as you pull up to the contracted position.
- Slowly return to the starting position stopping just short of the arms being fully extending.

Key Points
- Exhale as you lift the weights.
- Inhale while returning to the starting position.
- If you have any discomfort or weakness in your lower back, avoid this exercise.
- Start out with light weights to make sure your lower back can tolerate this position.

3. Fitball Prone Trunk Extension

Starting Position
- Lie on the ball with your knees on the floor and feet up on the toes.
- Place your fingertips gently on the sides of your head.
- Maintain a neutral spine with head and neck relaxed as a natural extension of the spine.

- Contracting the lower back muscles, raise your chest off the ball slightly.
- Slowly return to the starting position.

Key Points
- Exhale while lifting your body.
- Inhale while returning to the starting position.
- Do not hyper-extend your back or overdo the range of motion.

Attempt two to three sets of each exercise for 10 to 12 repetitions on two alternate days of the week and focus on precise form at all times.

Whether it’s a sleeveless dress you’ll be wearing, tank top or just need that extra strength to pick up your kids and groceries, then focusing on your back muscles is your ticket to success.

As always, check with your doctor prior to beginning any exercise program.


Eve :-)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Reduce Pain With Fitness

Workouts For Chronic Pain

1. Walking

It's an excellent form of light aerobic exercise, which provides a list of healing benefits: It brings oxygen and nutrition to your muscles to keep them healthy, helps rebuild stamina, boosts energy, and reduces stiffness and pain. Low-impact aerobics is most effective for improving FMS symptoms. Biking is another good option. The reciprocal, or back-and-forth, motion helps provide relaxation. Other effective forms of aerobic exercise include swimming and water aerobics in a heated pool (warm water relaxes muscles, and the buoyancy of the water helps with movement, whereas cold water can make muscles tense up) and using an elliptical trainer (which is lower impact than a treadmill).

2. Stretching

Do it at least once a day to help increase flexibility, loosen tight, stiff muscles, and improve range of motion—the combination of which will help ease everyday movements, like looking over your shoulder or reaching for a can on the top shelf of your pantry. Stretching during workouts may also help you to tolerate training better. Stretch to cool down, not warm up. The best time to stretch is after some form of light warm-up exercise.

3. Strength Training

The trick is to use light weights (start with 3 to 5 pounds) and lift slowly and precisely to improve tone and make muscles stronger—stronger muscles use less effort than weaker muscles, which may leave them less fatigued. Plus, studies show strength training can help treat depression, even as well as some medications. Aim to work out each major area—legs, chest, shoulders, back, arms, and abs—two to three times per week, with at least a 1-day break in between. Start with a weight you can lift comfortably for eight reps, then gradually up it to 10 and 12 reps. When you can lift the weight 12 times, two sessions in a row, you're ready to increase the weight slightly (and start back down at eight reps.)

4. Yoga

Practicing the Hatha kind—a more gentle combination of postures, breathing, and meditation—reduces the physical and psychological symptoms of chronic pain in women with fibromyalgia, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Pain Research. Participants reported significantly less pain; they were also more accepting of their condition and felt less helpless and more mindful. Yoga also helps build endurance and energy and improves sleep and concentration. Tai chi, where you slowly and gracefully perform a series of movements, has also been shown to help relieve fibro pain and other symptoms—maybe even better than stretching, according to a recent study from Tufts Medical Center.

5. Everyday Activities

That's right—studies show that playing with your kids, mopping the floors, gardening, and other things you do in daily life count toward increasing fitness and reducing symptoms. Spread out your list of chores throughout the day, doing the tougher ones in the morning. And give yourself a break. When you need a rest, take it!


Eve :-)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sculpt Sexy Shoulders

6 Moves To A Sexy Upper Body

YOU'LL NEED: A stability ball and a pair of 5-pound weights.
THE PLAN: Do two sets of 12 reps of each move twice a week. Then resist the urge to rip the sleeves off all your tops. :-)


Sit on ball, feet hip-width apart, a weight in each hand, arms out to sides at shoulder height; bend elbows, and angle both weights toward shoulders (as shown). Extend arms overhead. Return to start for 1 rep. Do 12 reps; repeat.


Start in raised push-up position, feet resting on ball (as shown). Perform a complete push-up for 1 rep. Do 12 reps; repeat.

  • works shoulders, triceps, chest, back, abs
  • works shoulders, abs


Sit with abs engaged, your back at a 45-degree angle, with legs together and extended about 6 inches off floor; hold ball overhead (as shown). Maintain position as you bend elbows to lower ball behind head until forearms are parallel to floor. Return to start for 1 rep. Do 12 reps; repeat.

  • works triceps, shoulders, abs


Lie facedown with midsection on ball, feet anchored low on wall, a weight in each hand; lower arms in front of ball, palms facing ball. Lift chest off ball as you rotate palms up and pull elbows to sides, squeezing shoulder blades together (as shown). Return to start for 1 rep. Do 12 reps; repeat.

  • works back, butt, thighs


Lie facedown with midsection on ball, a weight in each hand and arms extended at shoulder height; anchor feet against wall so body is nearly parallel to floor (as shown); hold for 3 counts. Bring arms out to sides; hold for 3 counts, then reach arms behind you, palms down; hold for 3 counts. Return to start for 1 rep. Do 12 reps; repeat.

  • works shoulders, triceps, back, abs, butt, thighs


Place ball waist high against wall, heels raised, arms down and palms against ball. Keeping heels raised, press palms into ball as you roll it up wall until forearms are parallel to floor (as shown). Reverse move to return to start for 1 rep. Do 12 reps; repeat.

works biceps, legs

These body buffers will give you total confidence in your SLT (Sexy Little Top) by defining your shoulders, arms and back.

Eve :-)

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