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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Low-cost/No-cost Workouts Work!

Strengthening your core muscles doesn't have to cost money. Abdominal muscles join with other trunk muscles in helping to support your spine and pelvis. Getting these muscles strong does not require machines, good old-fashioned sit-ups and crunches strengthened abdominal muscles just as well as popular at-home workout equipment.

The trick to doing abdominal exercises correctly is to use postures that reduce stress on the head, neck, and back and to avoid engaging the hip flexor muscles, which will reduce the amount of work your abdominal muscles have to do. Reduce the risk of injury when doing crunches by keeping your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor, and avoid tugging on your head and neck as you curl your upper trunk forward. To properly engage your abdominal muscles, don't pin your feet under an object or have someone hold them because this will engage your hip flexors. Also, pull your navel in toward your spine while performing crunches to keep your stomach muscles tight. Remember to breathe while curling. Round out your abdominal strength training by doing back-strengthening exercises, too. Strong core muscles support your back and may reduce the risk of injury.
RealAge Benefit: Strength training can make your RealAge 1 year younger.

Abdominal muscle activity while performing trunk flexion exercises using the Ab Roller, Abslide, FitBall and conventionally performed trunk curls. Hildenbrand, K., Noble, L., Journal of Athletic Training 2004 Mar;39(1):37-43.

Go Hard Core!

Eve :-)


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