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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

10 Worst Foods to Eat While You Drive

Time for a show of hands: Who here is guilty of DUIF, driving under the influence of food? Most all of us, right?

Well, I bet you didn't know that eating and driving puts you at an increased risk of an accident. It's true. In fact, one study calls driving while dining a worse offense than cruising and chatting on your cell phone.

Living life in the fast lane forces a lot of us to cut corners. And what better way to kill two birds with one stone than to have your cake and eat it too while you drive to or from work? The few precious moments you save may eventually cost you a lot more, according to researchers. These road worriers warn that the life you save may be your own.

While compiling stats on accidents caused by driver distraction, bean counters at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) discovered eating was a bigger distraction than using a hand-held cell phone. According to NHTSA, 26 percent of all traffic fatalities among America's 185,500,000 licensed drivers are caused by driver distraction.

The revelation led to the development of Hagerty's list of the "10 Most Dangerous Foods To Eat While Driving." Hagerty's researchers then rated common foods eaten in cars according to the degree of distraction, degree of difficulty in eating with only one hand on the wheel, and the food's popularity. They ranked the top 10 foods from bad to worst:

10. Chocolate! Whatever you touch -- steering wheels, gear shift, clothing, hair -- will get stained. Drivers' instinctive reactions are to clean up immediately and that distracts them from the road ahead.

9. Soft Drinks! Suddenly soaking up your soda as you pull out to pass could be a deadly distraction. Open containers of hot or cold liquids can cause a lack of concentration when spilled across a shirt or lap.

8. Jelly or Cream-Filled Donuts! Imagine the disaster as messy jelly oozes onto a driver's shirt or lap.

7. Fried Chicken! Greasy hands are a major distraction. And grease on a steering wheel is almost impossible to get off.

6. Barbecued Food: Always keep in mind, "If it can drip, don't eat it while you drive!"

5. Juicy Burgers! A $5 hamburger deluxe could turn into $5,000 worth of repairs if dripping condiments, special sauces or greasy meat juices distract the driver.

4. Chili! Steering chili-covered foods to your mouth while steering a car around a corner requires more dexterity than many of us are blessed with.

3. Tacos! It's tough enough to cleanly eat a crispy shelled taco at home. One good road bump and the seat of your car will look like a salad bar.

2. Hot Soups! Eating soup while trying to shift and steer can land you in hot water quick. It's the equivalent of a circus juggling act.

1. Coffee! Uncovered drinks are the worst offenders for distracting splashes and spills. Hot coffee is often served at lava-like temperatures. If it burns your mouth, you can imagine how badly it will feel as it rains down in your lap.

Additional food for thought:

  • More food-related accidents happen in the morning. Why? Mainly because people are concerned about their appearance on the way to work. That little spill can easily distract and cause evasive actions that can lead to accidents.

  • The odds of having a food-related accident doubles if the car, truck or SUV has a stick shift.

  • The most hazardous situation: a combo of eating and gabbing on your cell phone.
  • References
    Hagerty Classic Insurance of Traverse City, Michigan. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). John McGran, eDiets Editor-in-Chief.


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