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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

10 Seasonal Sports

Top 10 Winter Sports

Just because the temperature has dropped doesn’t mean your fun has to go with it. Cold weather only requires a little extra planning and a lot of extra clothing.

You CAN stay active this winter. Check out these 10 seasonal sports.

1. Ice skating -- Strap on your ice skates. An hour of ice skating can burn more than 400 calories.

2. Ice hockey -- Grab a group of friends and find a skating rink. All you need is a stick, puck and some head gear (maybe some new teeth after your done). Go for the goal. An hour session of hockey can burn more than 500 calories.

3. Downhill snow skiing, snowboarding -- Nothing beats the feeling of soaring downhill on one of natures most beautiful landscapes. The two sports require both lower- and upper-body strength, but you’d never know it. The rush of the ride is so much fun you’d never guess you’re burning hundreds of calories.

4. Cross-country skiing -- Forget about shivering after a session of skiing on flat terrain. You’ll be sweating buckets. This graceful sport burns nearly 1,000 calories an hour. It takes both upper and body strength, and it combines resistance and balance.

5. Snow shoeing -- For all of you walkers, hikers and joggers out there, this is the sport for you. Snowshoeing is a great low-impact, cardiovascular exercise. It even burns more calories because of the weight of the snowshoes.

6. Winter running -- There's no reason to put away your running shoes in the winter. There are plenty of trails specifically designed for the winter season. There’s nothing like feeling the fresh breeze on your face while running and inhaling the clean cool air. The cold air can also make it easier to run for longer periods of time, which makes it a great winter workout.

7. Sledding -- This speedy sport is so much fun that you’ll forget you’re actually burning calories. All you need is a sled, a few bumps and a push to slide down the hill. It’s the trek back up the hill after you’re done that gives you the workout. Trust me, once you go down once you’ll keep going up for more.

8. Snow fight -- Consider dodgeball a sport? This is its cold-weather equivalent. When the snow starts falling, it’s hard to resist a good snow fight. There’s just something about throwing a cold ball of snow at an unexpected victim. If they get mad, just tell them you’re working out. One hour in a good snowball fight can burn hundreds of calories.

9. Winter biking -- You’ll need to tune up your bike more often during the cold season, your bottle of water will more than likely turn to ice, and you won’t be moving too fast. The reward of a great workout and a smooth ride in the cold air is well worth it. Put on some extra layers and be the first to leave your tracks on the fresh white powder.

10. Ice climbing -- If you want a thrill in the chill there’s no better way. Ice climbing is very similar to rock climbing. Combine the beautiful scenery and the buzz of a lifetime as you scale up a mountain of ice and you’ve got the ingredients to one of the greatest natural highs you’ll ever experience. As far as burning calories, it would take a whole forest of trees to burn as many calories as you will on this sport.

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Sources: Carolina Diaz-Bordon


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