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Monday, June 25, 2007

Sexy Summer Thighs

Tone Your Thighs For The Summer

Do the two exercises below without weights first. Then, if you feel motivated, add weights using the "true pyramid system." With this system you do five sets of exercises varying the repetitions -- and raising and lowering the weights. Here's how it works.

Set 1. 3 pounds, 12 reps
Set 2. 5 pounds,10 reps
Set 3. 8 pounds, 8 reps
Set 4. 5 pounds, 10 reps
Set 5. 3 pounds, 12 reps

See? What you have done is gone up and down the pyramid, burning maximum fat and keeping your thighs working hard by surprising them with different reps and different weights. You can fix any lagging body part with this method, but here are two exercises specifically for your thighs.

Standing Chair Leg Extension: This exercise lifts, shapes and tones your front and back thigh muscles.

Start Position: Stand with your back facing a chair, and holding on to the chair for support.

Movement: Keeping your back straight and your eyes straight ahead, extend your bent leg until it is straight out in front of you. Give your leg an extra hard flex and return to start position. Without resting do the same for the other leg. Repeat each leg until you have done 12 reps each. Then, without resting more to the next exercise, the Hack Squat.

Hack Squat: This exercise lifts and tones the back and front thighs

Start Position: Stand with a broomstick, barbell, or two dumbbells held behind you (see start photo) and with your legs about shoulder width apart.

Movement: Keeping your back straight, and your eyes straight ahead, bend to a comfortable squatting position, feeling the stretch in your front and back thighs as you go. Now without resting, flexing your front and back thighs as hard as possible return to start. Repeat the movement until you have completed your first set of 12 repetitions.

If you are not using weights, simply repeat this round of two exercises four more times for a total of five rounds. If you are using weights, follow the true pyramid system shown above, varying your weights and reps accordingly. (For the leg extension you use ankle weights, adding and subtracting weight.)

You will see changes in three weeks, and the workout only takes five minutes to do!


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