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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

How to Burn Calories

Burn 100 Calories Anywhere

If you can't fit in a full-on workout, here's a list of activities that will burn around 100 calories. As an added bonus, most of these motions have to be done anyway, so by tweaking them just slightly you'll be burning more calories while cleaning your house, yard or car.

How to Clean and Burn Calories
Do these chores at a brisk pace. Try not to take breaks and use some elbow grease to get things sparkling. It might also help to turn on some tunes and time yourself, trying to do it a little faster each week.

Washing Windows -- 30 minutes will burn about 150 calories.

Doing the Dishes -- Skip the dishwasher and do them yourself to burn 75 calories in 30 minutes.

Rearranging Your Room -- 30 minutes of moving furniture burns 225 calories.

Vacuuming -- Burn about 100 calories in 30 minutes.

Painting -- Tired of your beige bedroom? Pick a new color and burn roughly 100 calories per 20 minutes of painting (think Karate Kid).

Fat-Burning Fun in the Sun
Cutting the Grass -- Mowing the lawn will burn 160 calories in 30 minutes, as long as you're pushing the mower yourself.

Washing the Car -- Burn about 150 calories in just 30 minutes (bikini optional).

Gardening -- The digging and raking you do are big-time calorie burners. You can burn up to 100 calories in just 15 minutes, plus you'll have fresh healthy produce to show for your effort.

Biking -- A leisurely bike ride (approximately 10 mph) will burn more than 100 calories in 40 minutes. Grab the family and get pedaling!

Swimming -- No need to go all Michael Phelps here. Just a 15-minute slow swim will burn about 100 calories.

Frisbee -- A fun 30-minute Frisbee toss with your kids or friends will burn about 100 calories and hardly seem like exercise at all.

Pushing a Baby Stroller -- Pushing a stroller burns about 60 calories in 20 minutes. Don't have a baby? I'm sure your relative, friend or neighbor will be happy to lend you theirs.

Walking -- It's one of the simplest ways to burn calories because you don't need anything to get started. Fifteen minutes of brisk walking will burn approximately 100 calories. A brisk daily walk at lunch time or after work will make a difference.

Dancing -- Who doesn't love to shake it? 20 minutes of dancing at a moderate pace will burn 100 calories. As Lady Gaga says, "Just Dance!"

*All of these numbers are based on a 150-pound individual.


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