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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Power Foods to Fuel Your Workouts

Foods That Fuel Your Body

Proper nutrition is the most important element in losing weight. It’s also critical to improving exercise performance. Food fuels your body to maximize performance, and it kick-starts recovery after a training session. Food is the fuel for weight loss.

A proper pre-workout meal will give you energy to power through your routine. The wrong meal — or eating nothing at all — can leave you too sluggish to get an effective exercise session. Improve your performance by eating the rights foods at the right time.

Fuel Up
Have a combination of quick-digesting protein, like whey, with a low-glycemic carbohydrate, such as oatmeal, about an hour before your workout. “Before my morning workouts, I have 30 grams of whey protein in my oatmeal with ¼ cup of blueberries in it — it’s a perfect pre-workout meal.

If you have to fit in a quick workout and can’t wait 60 minutes after eating, grabbing an apple and a whey protein shake will do. I like the whey protein shakes because they are a fast, easy way to consume quick-digesting protein before or after a workout.

One recent French study found that consuming whey before workouts supported fat burning and also helped with gaining and maintaining muscle.

If you’re not a fan of whey powder, there are a lot of great whole foods, too. Egg whites with oatmeal, string cheese and an apple, or an apple and a handful of nuts are all great choices.

There are so many different options. Just stick with a protein source with low-glycemic carbs and you’ll be on the right track. The low-glycemic carbs will help keep your blood sugar levels stable to sustain energy throughout the workout.

After Burn
Refueling your body after a workout is just as crucial as before it. Your muscles and body are broken down during your workout. They need to begin repairing as soon as possible after you finish your workout for maximum results.

I always recommend getting your post-workout meal within about 30 minutes of finishing. “And get plenty of water — it’s crucial to performance and health. We lose a great deal of water when working out and replenishing that is essential.”

Keep your post-workout meal simple — just make sure it includes a high-glycemic carbohydrate and a protein source.

The higher-glycemic carbs like a banana or baked potato — along with the protein source — will assist in accelerating recovery. “Two of my favorite post-workout combos are a protein shake with a banana or a chicken breast with baked potato.”

The basics of eating and exercise break down like this: low-glycemic carbs and protein an hour before you work out, high-glycemic carbs and protein 30 minutes or less after you train. Make sure to get plenty of water and don’t undo a good workout by pigging out on fatty, low-nutrition foods after you exercise.

Enjoy your pre and post workout foods!


Eve :-)


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