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Saturday, June 10, 2006

3 Tiny Steps To Boost Weight Loss

We burn on average about 100 calories per mile, whether we walk or run that mile. You can use this fact to your advantage. Wear a pedometer daily to log your steps/miles.

The question then is how can you easily put on extra miles? It really isn't very difficult at all. All you have to do is set a goal of walking an extra mile each day. Not all at once, but throughout the day. To do this, simply change your daily habits. Consider doing the following:

1) Park in the back of the parking lots whenever you go out. This simple little trick not only racks up the mileage with minimal extra effort on your behalf, but it also can save you a lot of potential headaches. If you notice, many of the people that park in the spaces close to the door are very selfish. They fight like cats for those spaces, and they will wait forever for someone to pull out of a close space. You've seen them. They will hold up traffic for several minutes waiting for the person to relinquish that cherished close space.

Meanwhile, there can be many free spaces in the back. No one wants those spaces because it means extra walking. Believe me, you can park in the next parking lot and still be in the building long before the person that circles around waiting for that close space. Also, the door dings tend to happen in the spaces close to the door. Is there a correlation here?

2) Take the stairs instead of the elevators. I know it is tempting to ride the vertical car, but just stay focused on your goal. Remember, you are looking to change your lifestyle. This means you must "waste" energy throughout the day. Taking the stairs is one way to do this in a big way! When you take the stairs you are using your largest muscles (your legs and back) and getting back dividends!

3) When you are working, take a break and walk around for just a few minutes. If you took four or five breaks during your work day and took a leisurely walk for just five minutes each time, you would have walked an extra mile!

Now, if you make these three simple changes in your daily life, you will easily cover an extra mile or so each day. And that is a very conservative number. The fact is, it would more likely be several miles each day. However, if you covered just a little over 1 mile each day by making these three simple changes, it would add up to 1 pound of fat in a month! And that is fat that you will lose outside of your normal training.

So, follow this training advice and make these simple changes. It will pay off big time!


Eve :-)


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