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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Give Your Bust A Boost

Shape a saggy chest in 3 easy moves.

Exercise won't enlarge your cup size, but the right workout can make your chest appear fuller and higher by building the support muscles beneath your breasts. Strong pecs also help you lift and throw, and you use them every time you push a grocery cart, furniture, or a heavy door. That's why this workout should be part of your daily routine--even if you're thrilled with your chest. These three easy moves will help you meet all of life's everyday demands and lift and shape your upper half, too.
Stability Wall Press

A. Stand 3 to 4 feet from wall, with hands on stability ball pressed against wall at shoulder height.

B. Slowly bend elbows out to sides and lower chest toward ball. (It's okay if heels come off floor.) Press back until arms are straight. Do 10 to 12 reps.
Chest Opener

Kneel, sitting on heels, and clasp hands behind head. Sit tall and gently roll shoulders back so that you feel chest widening. Hold for three breaths and repeat.
Hand Walk

A. Place hands directly under shoulders on center of 6-inch step. Straighten arms and walk feet back until body forms straight line from head to heels.

B. Lift and plant left hand on floor 6 to 10 inches to left of step. Shift weight to left, then lift and plant right hand on floor to the right of left hand. Return to start, placing right hand and then left back on step. Repeat to right side of step, starting with right hand. Continue, alternating sides, for 10 to 12 reps.

...stick your butt up in the air.


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