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DOB: October 27 CURRENT RESIDENCE: North Eastern Oklahoma OCCUPATION: Certified Group Fitness Instructor HEIGHT:5'1"; WEIGHT:105 lbs.; BF%:14.3% bodyfat FAVORITE BODY PARTS TO TRAIN: Back, abs FAVORITE CHEAT MEAL: Mexican and any dark chocolate CAREER HIGHLIGHT: Featured as a fitness role model in Chad Tackett's Global-Health & Fitness website: http://www.global-fitness.com/ DESCRIBE MYSELF: Competitive, energetic, persistent, focused, consistent, and driven.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

6 Moves For Sculpted, Sexy Abs

Fire up your core with innovative training moves that target and tone all your abdominal muscles.

1. Twisted Knee Tuck

2. One-Leg Mountain Climber

3. Oblique Press

4. Boat-Pose Snow Angel

5. Low-Abs Knee Lift

6. Lower-Ab Tornado

Love Your Abs,

Eve :-)


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