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Friday, March 11, 2005

7 Common Exercise Myths

Everyone should sidestep these sneaky seven myths that can weigh down your weightloss progress:

  1. You can't spot-change! This "fact" probably arose from the concept that you can't "spot reduce" a trouble area through diet. But it is indeed possible to spot change by working out with weights. Advise using weights to target and attack individual body parts. It's common sense that arm exercises are going to firm your arms, while leg exercises will thin your thighs.
  2. You better not workout with weights if you're overweight because you will get bigger than you already are... and you'll look fatter! Wrong! When you workout with weights, you lose fat and gain muscle. It's a fact that muscle takes up less space than fat. BONUS TIP: Don't put off weight training until you've dropped a few pounds. The end result is a flabby body that's "skinny fat." Working with weights builds mini muscles that give you a tight and tone look without adding size.
  3. Muscle turns to fat once you stop working out! Muscle and fat cells are structurally and functionally different. You actually lose fat as you build muscle because your metabolism increases. If you stop working out, your muscles will shrink back to the size they were. The good new is that it takes as long as you worked out for this to happen. The best news: When you start up again, it only takes 1/3 of the time to get back to the point you were when working out!
  4. You have to spend hours a day working out with weights to see results! Fact is you can get in shape with weights in as little as 15 minutes a day... if you reduce or eliminate the "rest" between sets. The breaks between sets allow bodybuilders to grow, grow, grow, but for firming the philosophy should be to go, go, go!
  5. You can get in shape by doing aerobics! Aerobics are good for strenghtening your heart and lungs. But the only way to reshape the body is to workout with weights -- and target each muscle group in a specific manner. Keep in mind that you must also eat a balanced diet to get rid of the fat covering developing muscles.
  6. There is no such thing as a fountain-of-youth exercise! Researchers say working out with weights literally reverses the ageing process.It also strenghtens the density of your bones. Weight training reshapes, tightens and tones the body and makes fitness fanatics look up to 20 years younger -- look at the covers of books with bodybuilders, male and female alike for proof!
  7. Working out with weights will get you in shape no matter what program you do! It's not as if yu touch a weight and magically get in shape. There is a science behing working out and here are the three basic rules: (1) You pyramid the weights. You do a light set first, then a slightly heavier set next and save the heaviest for third set. In order to cope with the weight, you reduce repetitions with each set. (2) You must do a split routine. You work half the body one day and the other half the next. But the abs and butt can be worked on everyday. (3) You must completely work one group of muscles before moving to another... unless you're doing a special program.



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