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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Abdominal Tip: Super Crunch for Abdominal Shape

To add some intensity to your regular crunches and really blast your abs, try this advanced ab exercise.

Lie on the floor in your regular Crunch position, knees bent, hands over ears (not locked behind head) or in tight to chest.

Then, crunch up approximately 10 inches, holding the peak contraction for a count of 4. In this fully contracted position, the key is to really squeeze your abs together hard. Imagine pushing your upper abs into your lower abs and vice versa (like an accordian coming together).

From this point, you want to return to the floor very slowly. The trick here is to try to keep your abs tense and contracted during the eccentric or negative phase of the movement. And you want to return slowly; it should take a count of 3-4.

Repeat the motion trying to maintain as much continuous tension on the abs as possible. This movement is not about "how many" reps you can do... instead, it's all about how hard you can squeeze your abs and maintain tension.

Shoot for a grueling set or two of 12-20 reps and then finish off by immediately going into a set of 8-10 regular paced Crunches.


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