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Friday, March 11, 2005

Prevent Hunger

Prevent hunger by eating enough @ meals. You can lose weight by eating 10% to 20% fewer calories, not 50% fewer.
To know how many calories U are entitled to eat to negate hunger and manage your weight, do this simple math:

  • Take your weight (or a good weight for your body) and multiply it by 10. This estimates your resting metabolic rate (RMR, the amount of energy you need to simply exist, pump blood, breathe, etc.). If U weigh 140 pounds, your RMR is about 1,400 calories--the amount you'd burn if you were to run for 14 miles!
  • Add to your RMR about half that number for activities of daily living. For example, if you weigh 140 pounds and are moderately active (without your purposeful exercise), you need about 700 calories for daily living. Add fewer calories if you are sedentary.
  • Next, add calories for purposeful exercise. For example, a 140 lb. person would need about 1,400 calories (RMR) + 700 (daily living) + 300 (for 30 minutes of exercise) = 2,400 calories to maintain weight. To lose weight, deduct 20%, to about 1,900 calories. This translates into 600 calories for breakfast/snack, 700 for lunch/snack, and 600 for dinner/snack (or the equivalent of 11 -13 Fig Newtons per section of the day.)
  • Use food labels to calculate your day's intake. You'll likely see a huge discrepancy between what you have eaten and what your body deserves. Once you recognize the power of hunger, you can take steps to prevent it by eating before you get too hungry.



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