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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Don't Surrender to Stressors

Low Impact, More Muscle
Knowing when you're likely to be stressed out is the first step to easing your tensions and restoring your inner calm. Here are your strategies for defeating four common stress-causing situations

You may wake up with it every morning. Or, perhaps you carry it with you through the day. It's there when you hit the sack at night. But just because stress dogs you all day long doesn't mean you can't find ways to put it in its place. Check out these four classic stress scenarios and some useful strategies for dousing the anxiety fires.

Taxing Time. It only happens once a year, but when it comes to stress, tax time is the gift that keeps on giving. It's all about money, after all, and research shows that 73% of Americans report money as the number one cause of stress in their lives during tax time. If the thought of paperwork makes you queasy, go electronic. At least 60% of taxpayers (that's 78 million people) are eligible to use free commercial tax preparation software to e-file. E-filing gets you your refund faster than the time it takes for paper filers to get theirs, and because of the software, the error rate for e-filing is less than 1%.

Commuting. There's no getting out of work, but you can take a bite out of the stress that comes with any job by finding fresh focus. If your commute has you clenching your teeth, vary your route or alter your drive time to outfox traffic backups and arrive at the office more relaxed. Another easy-to-follow tip: Make to-do lists of things you've accomplished to go with lists of things you need to do. It'll give you a sense of having achieved things rather than just adding to more duties that are hanging over your head. A few times a day, find a reason to smile or share a joke—laughter is one of life's leading stress reducers.

Family Hour. If your kids are out of control, it might be a sign that your problems are affecting them and that they're picking up on the stress you bring through the door with you. Research shows that persistent at-home stress contributes to children "acting out" in school or withdrawing into depression. One tip that'll help reduce the amount of stress: Limit time on the telephone.

Waiting for Weight Loss. You've tried all the tested-and-true weight loss strategies, but somehow, you can't seem to count down the pounds. Fact is, stressing out over weight goals can often contribute to other problems such as heartburn. First, don't let anxiety push you toward drinking, smoking, or indulging in high-fat "comfort" foods. Embracing those habits only brings on more stress. Next, resolve not to go the diet route alone; find a diet program, exercise facility, or support group where you can share the stress that comes from altering your eating habits. Finally, eat dinner earlier. Your body will digest food more efficiently, you'll be less likely to suffer from heartburn overnight, and you'll sleep more soundly.

There may be a thousand other reasons you might be feeling stressed. Just remember, you don't have to keep stress as a constant companion. Take whatever's bugging you, and break it down into small pieces you can more easily manage one step at a time, morning, noon, and night.

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