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Monday, June 06, 2005

New Chili Dangerously Hot!

Nowadays, it seems as if anything and everything poses a health hazard. Your cell phone may cause cancer. Your seafood platter may contain toxic levels of mercury. But the latest threat to your life comes in a form that might surprise even the most paranoid among us: the bottle of hot sauce on your counter. A new concentrated chili sauce, bottled under the brand name "16 Million Reserve," is not only the hottest commercially available food additive, but is so spicy that every bottle is required to carry a disclaimer recommending protective eye gear and gloves before use. The chili sauce is made of an extract of pure capsaicin, the component in chili peppers responsible for spiciness. However, the new sauce has been tested as 30 times hotter than the spiciest pepper and a whopping 8,000 times hotter than common Tabasco. Health experts have warned asthmatics and those with sensitive digestive systems to avoid even physical contact with the sauce. LifeScript


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