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Friday, June 24, 2005

Obesity Remains #2 Killer

Disregard what your gym coach yelled at you all those years ago: it isn't always best to be Number One. Last year, a highly-publicized study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claimed that obesity and its related illnesses were about to pass smoking as the nation's top cause of death. The study set off a frenzy of news coverage and public interest in health and fitness resources. Although obesity rates – and the number of deaths from obesity-related causes – have continued to climb unabated, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recently issued a correction to last year's study, stating that a computer glitch in the original study led to an overestimate on the number of deaths per year from obesity. About 400,000 Americans will die this year alone from obesity-related conditions. While that's 35,000 fewer deaths than will be caused by smoking, the difference will come as little consolation to the millions of Americans who will lose friends and loved ones to needless, preventable deaths. LifeScript


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